Deloitte - PSD2 - Revised Payment Services Directive

The payment services ecosystem disrupted

PSD2 (Revised Payment Services Directive) entered into force in January 2016, after two years of drafts, amendments and negotiations. Member States now have two years to implement the Directive into national laws, a Directive that comes with extensive and important changes.

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Deloitte - European PSD2 Surveys

Latest insights into how banks and customers embrace open banking

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a key regulatory initiative of the European Union that aims to facilitate innovation and competition in the financial services market by creating a level playing field for banks, emerging FinTechs and other third parties. In this way, it is designed to improve and broaden the spectrum of online financial services currently available to customers.

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PWC - PSD2 in a nutshell

An in-depth look at the new Directive

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McKinsey & Company - PSD2: Taking advantage of open-banking disruption

Europe’s second Payment Services Directive opens attractive opportunities for established payments organizations. But to win, banks will need to capture this disruption and turn it to their advantage.

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Open Banking Message Signing

Gary Johnson

Detached signatures and the struggle to verify them.

Message Signing

The Payment Initiation APIs in UK Open Banking mandate that from version 3.0 and above all inbound requests must be digitally signed by the API consumer and all responses likewise must be signed by the API provider. Ultimately this is to meet a non-repudiation requirement whereby both parties can assure themselves that the request and responses originated by the private key holder and no message tampering has occurred somewhere in the connection (although unlikely due to Mutual TLS for transport security, message signing simplifies the records management aspects).

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More Open Banking Message Signing

Gary Johnson

Tripping over Base64 encoding and implications for signing.

This post is focused on the Base64URL encoding and the potential pitfalls.

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Is your business sitting outside the ‘AIS perimeter’? 🤔

Deepa Bhat

FCA comments on the agent-principal relationship for Account Information Service Providers

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Official list of Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) available in the European Union,

UK FCA The Perimeter Guidance Manual - Guidance on the scope of the Payment Services Regulations 2017

BNR - Romanian PSD2 law - “Legea nr. 209/2019 privind serviciile de plată şi pentru modificarea unor acte normative”

BNR - Romanian PSD2 BNR guideline - “Regulamentul nr. 4/2019 privind instituţiile de plată şi furnizorii specializaţi în servicii de informare cu privire la conturi”


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