PSU Credentials

PSU Credentials

Test Accounts - AISP

PSU IDScheme NameIdentificationAccount Type/SubTypeCurrencyFIELD6


  1. To test transactions API, create an account-access-consent with transaction dates ranging from 1st Jan, 2018 to 31st Dec, 2018
  2. PSU ID 24156233 (ROI) contains test data for accounts, balances and transactions APIs. You will receive an empty response for any other APIs
  3. PSU ID 14235412 (UK) contains test data for accounts, balances, transactions, standing orders, scheduled payments, product, beneficiaries & Statement APIs. You will receive an empty response for any other APIs
  4. To test 500 Internal Server error, use PSU ID 18070751. 500 Internal Server error will be returned for all APIs
  5. To test empty responses for any APIs, use PSU ID 34080157. This will return empty responses for all APIs except for accounts and balances APIs.

Test Accounts - PISP

Debtor Accounts

PSU IDJurisdictionScheme NameIdentificationAccount Type/SubTypeCurrency

Suggested Creditor Accounts

JurisdictionCreditor ProfileBeneficiary IBAN / Acc NoCurrency
UKCreditor is a Bank of Ireland Customer90915076026056GBP
Creditor is not a Bank of Ireland Customer50324086483629
RoICreditor is a Bank of Ireland CustomerIE47BOFI90126312660908EUR
Creditor is Irish and not a Bank of Ireland CustomerIE29AIBK93115212345678
Creditor is not Irish and SEPA ReachableDE89370400440532013000

Suggested Creditor Accounts for International Payment

JurisdictionCreditor ProfileBeneficiary IBAN / Acc NoBeneficiary BICCurrency
UK & RoICreditor is customer with an American bank.8648362983CITIUS33XXXUSD


To test SEPA scenarios (domestic payment API):

To test UK domestic scenarios (domestic payment API):

To test ROI domestic standing order scenarios (domestic SO payment API):

To test UK domestic standing order scenarios (domestic payment API):

To test international payments (international Payment API)

Testing of PISP error scenarios is based on amounts. Please refer to ‘‘Sandbox mocking information – Error Scenarios’’ section on BoI Developer portal for error scenarios, kindly re-use the above data


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